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C+R’s Cultural

Discovery Series

Laying the Groundwork for Understanding Multicultural Audiences

If multicultural audiences are your target, then you already know the importance of authentically connecting with them. And, as the U.S. continues to become more diverse, many brands are already prioritizing multicultural audiences in their marketing efforts; your brand is probably doing the same. You may understand the importance of connecting with complex and diverse audiences in an authentic way, but would you like to delve deeper to learn more about these audiences?

Our CultureBeat team is comprised of multicultural subject matter experts, known for their ability to step into whatever multicultural space you need to delve into – taking you on a cultural journey where tradition, heritage, and diversity converge. Leveraging our proprietary Cultural Discovery Series, our experts can guide you on your own multicultural discovery journey.

What Is the Cultural Discovery Series?

The Cultural Discovery Series fosters cross-cultural understanding, enabling you and your stakeholders to appreciate the differences and similarities that exist among cultural groups, promoting empathy and open-mindedness. These in-depth presentations will provide you and your team with a heightened sense of cultural awareness by revealing the unique beliefs, values, customs, and traditions that shape the identities of other communities. Armed with a deeper understanding of the cultures you want to engage with, stakeholders are assured that their research, communications, and initiatives are developed with the utmost respect and sensitivity for your target audience.

series content includes:

Historical Context

Discover the backdrop of significant events and periods in time. See how cultures have evolved over time, including important statistics such as population growth, spending power, etc., as well as the impact historical events have on a community’s present-day practices and customs.

Social and Religious Practices

Learn about the relevant social structures and religious practices, shedding light on the roles of family, community, and spirituality within each culture.

Art, Music, and Literature

Explore the artistic expressions, music, dance, and literature that serve as creative outlets and reflections of cultural identity.

Culinary Traditions

Reflect upon the flavors, authentic ingredients, and tools that are unique to specific cultural communities.

Here’s just some of the benefits our clients gained from the Cultural Discovery Series presentations:

  • Created a stronger understanding of diverse audiences within their teams.
  • Informed their marketing strategies and tactics with relevant cultural knowledge.
  • Encouraged enthusiasm from team members about understanding and engaging with diverse consumers and shoppers.
  • Learned how to identify areas of improvement for messaging and communications initiatives.
  • Elevated their teams’ awareness around diversity and inclusion for more equitable and successful marketing strategies and tactics.

As our experts take you on this

foundational journey, you will:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of subcultures of a multicultural audience
  • Learn new trends happening in these cohorts
  • Learn how to avoid costly marketing mistakes and alienating the very people you want to connect with
  • Understand how to build greater empathy in your marketing efforts

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