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This cohort of kids might be more likely to be foodies than any in the past, and for tween boys in particular, getting to eat their fill can be a dream come true. But for most youth, the food isn’t the real draw on Thanksgiving. Yet, kids still look forward to celebrating. Here are three reasons we think turkey day delights:

  1. balloons over broadway

    Kids love a parade. Sure, not every place has a parade to call their own, and not every household tunes into Macy’s mega-event. But many do, and for those who do, they get a chance to see some of their favorite characters (current and classic) in larger than life fashion. We love Melissa Sweet’s “true story” tale of the parade for little kids.
  2. Family is…fun. While adults might feel ambiguous about a day of family reuniting, kids, tweens and even occasionally teens look forward to it. For many, Thanksgiving is a chance to visit out of town relatives, or to have far-off family come to town. Even if their relatives are local, connecting with cousins, or seeing grandparents is less corny than cool for this cohort.
  3. Finally, giving thanks is good. This generation is oft-described as narcissistic, materialistic and tech-addicted. But we at YouthBeat know that’s not the real story. This group of youth also values giving, and giving back. As kids get older, moments made for authentic vulnerability and public professions of thanks seem to happen less often. But youth need to say they care, and to be reminded that they are loved and valued as much as any cohort before them. Thanksgiving gives them a cover story for a bit of appreciation communication. In schools, kids often get the chance to tell their friends what they are thankful for. And don’t be surprised if a kid you know asks you what you’re thinking of most on Thanksgiving Day.