Steve Stallard

Senior Vice President, Quantitative Research

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Steve Stallard, Senior Vice President, has 25+ years of experience as team leader on C+R’s largest customer satisfaction, customer migration, and awareness & usage tracking studies. Today, his experience is leveraged in projects that include tracking research as well as ad hoc studies in a variety of industries ranging from cable/ telecommunications, managed cloud services, beer & spirits, quick service restaurants, home improvement, online retail, and leisure/recreation. 

Steve has managed and designed research utilizing all quantitative methodologies (phone, in-person, online, & mobile) including multi-method studies. Prior to joining C+R in 1990, Steve conducted design and engineering product clinics for Saturn, Chrysler, and GM. Steve also taught Sociology and research methods at Ball State University and holds a BA in Psychology from Northern Illinois University and an MA in Sociology from the University of Toledo. 

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