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Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer, Part 3: How Brands Can Help Eliminate Racial Inequality

The journey towards change can be steep and difficult. From the devastating effects of the pandemic to the blatant examples of police brutality and systemic racism we watched play out from our homes, we were all transformed by what we saw. And, for many of us, those events brought to light a truth that was hard to grapple with…What America is today is different than the America we want to be. We left 2020 with hope for a plan to eradicate the virus and an expectation for dramatic change in racial inequality in this country. 

Jorge Martinez, Vice President

As a company doing business in 2020, we at C+R Research believe it is critical to both understand and relate to consumers of all backgrounds and identities. C+R also believes that it is doubly critical for consumer-facing brands to do so and that it’s our job is to help! To that end, we recently hosted another live consumer panel in our ongoing Consumer Connection Series: Connecting with Hispanic Consumers to Amplify Their Voices. 

Meet The Hispanic Consumer

Consumer Connection Series: Connecting with Hispanic Consumers to Amplify Their Voices

To kick off Hispanic Heritage Month, we will talk about the state of the Hispanic consumer and have a conversation with them to explore their sentiments about the current situation in our nation, their perceptions of the importance of Hispanics as consumers, and their views on the brands they connect with.

Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer – Part 2

Consumer Connections Series: Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer – Part 2

Join us as we want to keep the discussion going around racial bias, systemic racism, diversity and inclusion, and potential solutions for these problems across the country.

Ashleigh Williams, Research Director

Read about how black-owned businesses have been getting more publicity and customers since our recent civil unrest following the George Floyd protests. Ashleigh Williams, Qualitative Research Director at C+R Research, told Fortune. “Brands are finally starting to realize the importance of investing in understanding Black people and other minorities with them.”

CultureBeat PULSE: July 2020 | Issue 5

CultureBeat PULSE: July 2020 | Issue 5

The CultureBeat PULSE is an e-zine to keep you on the “pulse” of what’s relevant to today’s multicultural consumers. Each issue is a curated group of topics that focus on the happenings in our society and marketplace and, most importantly, why it matters to your brand and your company.  

In this issue of the CultureBeat PULSE, we put a spotlight on Racism and Discrimination, Intersectionality, Autism, and Tiktok! 

Here are the article you will find: 

Anna Rossi, Senior Analyst

Even though the usual parades and weekend festivals had to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic, the spirit of Pride month can’t be canceled. LGBTQ people have been finding new and exciting ways to celebrate all month long. So, what has Pride looked like this year?  

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