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Ashleigh Williams, Senior Research Director

In honor of Black History Month, we put a spotlight on our ongoing dialogue with the Black community regarding systemic racism in the U.S. following the recent Black Lives Matter movement. C+R hosted a virtual consumer panel that focused on gauging the progress of where we are six months after the murder of George Floyd.

Liz Dibley, Senior Analyst

As we celebrate Black History Month, the YouthBeat® team thought it would be a good time to check on the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and youth. Previously, we:

black consumer research

Amplifying the Voice of the Black Consumer, Part 3: How Brands Can Support the Black Community

This consumer panel has now ended. Please complete the form to watch this conversation.  A podcast and highlight video will be available soon.

Chris Robinson, Vice President

They are Fathers. They are Brothers. They are Uncles. They are Grandfathers. They are Cousins. And, they are even Neighbors.  All of these make up the male population of the Black family.

Anna Rossi, Senior Analyst  |  Ashleigh Williams, Senior Research Director  |  Jorge Martinez, Vice President

Super Bowl ads have, once again, provoked commentary from industry experts in marketing to Multicultural markets. Multicultural Marketing Resources (MMR) asked thought leaders from C+R Research to provide their analysis of the Super Bowl ads from a multicultural perspective.  Read what Anna Rossi, Ashleigh Williams, and Jorge Martinez from our CultureBeat team had to say about diversity and LGBTQ appeal in the 2021 Super Bowl commercials. 

Angela Roberts, Vice President

It’s 8am Wednesday morning, January 20th, and I’m sitting at the desk of my makeshift home office, the design inspired by COVID-19’s shelter-in-place orders.  I grab a remote, turn on the TV and put it on mute.  I don’t typically turn on the TV when I’m working, but today is different.  I’m anxiously excited about this year’s Presidential Inauguration.  People have all kinds of reasons to be excited about today, but I’m excited because this is a Black history-making moment.

Jorge Martinez, Vice President

Consumers long thought to have been put off by terminology used by surimi seafood products in the U.S.

Jorge Martinez, Vice President

As a company doing business in 2020, we at C+R Research believe it is critical to both understand and relate to consumers of all backgrounds and identities. C+R also believes that it is doubly critical for consumer-facing brands to do so and that it’s our job is to help! To that end, we recently hosted another live consumer panel in our ongoing Consumer Connection Series: Connecting with Hispanic Consumers to Amplify Their Voices. 

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