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C+R Research: News Release

Full-service marketing insights agency, C+R Research, has partnered with neuro-testing agency, CloudArmy, to include neuro insights into C+R Research’s rich toolbox of methods and services. With this partnership, C+R can design custom research across the spectrum of System 1 (implicit) and System 2 (explicit) thinking; resulting in deeper insights that marry consumers’ conscious and subconscious reactions. C+R’s president, Robbin Jaklin, says, “since pioneering focus groups nearly 60 years ago, today C+R is well known for designing innovative custom quantitative, qualitative and hybrid research methodologies, resulting in high-quality analytical insights, and superior customer service. Over the years, our clients have come to expect us to evolve, adapt, and be innovative with new offerings to help them achieve their business objectives. Our clients are interested in System 1 learning, and our partnership with CloudArmy enables us to provide them with insights that not only incorporate the best of explicit testing, but now implicit testing. We’re excited to add CloudArmy as a partner and their neuro-testing expertise.” 

“It’s a pleasure to partner with curious-minded people who want to test the potential of multiple online neuro methods to discover consumer insights through a new lens,” says Kent Alstad, CEO of CloudArmy.

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