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Working From Home Dispersed Tech Workforces But It Did Little To Increase Diversity

Ashleigh Williams, Senior Director

The Plug

At the start of the pandemic, some believed remote work could increase diversity for tech companies. But while working from home has increased the radius to find talent and brought tech companies to workers instead of the other way around, representation data and experts suggest remote work may not move the needle on racial representation. “This is why it’s imperative to have internal diversity and inclusion, from the beginning,” Ashleigh Williams, C+R Research’s senior research director, told The Plug.“[As] human beings, we have biases. “Because we have biases, we have written those into law in our systems such as healthcare and education. There’s bias in the AI and the tech that we create,” Williams said. Read more about this topic and what Ashleigh Williams had to say in this insightful article. 

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