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Illuminator is the crossroads of attitudes and behaviors. We have developed multiple illuminator solutions that enable us to leverage the power of actual behavioral data to deliver game-changing insights that isn't possible with traditional research.

e-Commerce Shopper Essentials eBook

Like you, C+R Research has been monitoring the developments in the online and brick-and-mortar grocery space. The facts are evident, consumers aren't digging the whole in-store experience, and emerging is a seismic shift to online grocery shopping. Retailers and manufacturers must stay ahead of the online adoption curve to ensure they get their share of the tens of billions at stake.understanding omnishoppers and managing touch-points that will drive their decision making now and in the future.

Landing In Moms Shopping Cart eBook

Mary McIlrath, Terrie Wendricks, Senior Vice President

At C+R Research, we're often surprised and delighted by the roles kids and moms play when it comes to food purchases for their families. In this eBook we explore

  • The decision-making processes of moms and kids, and how to strengthen loyalty in any category.
  • How purchase decisions get made.
  • How does your product get in the shopping cart the first time?


Alex Palermo, Hillary Stifler, Senior Director

C+R recently attended the Home Improvement Research Institute Conference in Oak Brook, IL.  While attending this conference, we heard some things about the home improvement industry and the economy in general that got us thinking. This is one industry where consumers are also producers, and the evolving consumer journey must rise to this juxtaposition.

Powerful Brand + Shopper Research: Better Methods for Understanding both the What + the Why

Kelly Gebhardt, Terrie Wendricks, Vice President

Through our partnership with InfoScout, C+R has access to real-time receipt data, which allows us to marry actual purchasing behavior (the what) with our custom research expertise (the why). In this webinar we will illustrate how we have evolved our research methods to better address the most challenging brand and shopper research questions through leveraging the power of InfoScout’s receipt data.

Terrie Wendricks, Vice President

Between computers, tablets and mobile phones, brands now have the opportunity to reach shoppers no matter where they are and what they are doing. But how does this affect what individuals actually purchase and how they come to make that decision?

Terrie Wendricks, Vice President

How does a company make progress toward navigating the volatility in the marketplace that has become the norm? It starts with a strong shopper insights foundation.

Bob Relihan, Senior Vice President

Recently, I noted a large study that concluded the United States was divided into three regions that could be characterized by different attitudinal and temperamental make-ups.